Getting Acquainted

Since we have never been in Louisiana for longer that an overnight (and in a parking lot at that) there is lots for us to get acquainted with at our current location.
There’s the camp itself – Dry Creek Baptist Camp, located in (you guessed it) Dry Creek, LA. We’ve lots of exploring to do before we’re totally familiar with the camp, but so far, we certainly like what we’ve seen.
Our Neighborhood –
The trail
that leads to the pond
which comes complete with its own set of fancy geese. 🙂
Everything is in walking distance, without being right on top of each other
I do believe that it will be a delight to watch the Louisiana Spring “happen” here at Dry Creek! Already there are azaleas blooming and we’ve spotted some red bud trees along the highway.
But we’ve also had the weekend to get acquainted with our fellow co-labors for Jesus – the 5 other SOWER couples we are working with this month.
While we’ve met some of these good folks, we’ve never worked with any of them before, so I know we will be blessed by the end of the project to consider them Family!
We joined one of the couples on Saturday for a drive down to Lake Charles and then to the coast.
Coastal Drive-11
Coastal Drive-1
It was too cold and windy to really enjoy a walk on the beach, but I did get out and snap a couple of shots before my fingers froze!
Coastal Drive-2
And while we didn’t want to walk on the beach, we could, at least, drive on the beach!
Coastal Drive-3
At one point we had to wait for a ferry –
Coastal Drive-4
and again I hopped out of the car to “get acquainted” with this shoreline!
Coastal Drive-5
Coastal Drive-6
Coastal Drive-8
A little up close and personal….
Coastal Drive-7

Yes, cold though it was, it was still a lovely drive! I hope we can get back that way to do a bit more ‘sploring, but if that doesn’t work out at least I can say I’ve been there!
And as we headed home I couldn’t resist one last evening sky shot-
Coastal Drive-10
(Taken from a moving car, through the window from the other side of the car!)

So, while we’ve just begun to get acquainted with this camp, our new friends,  and the area, there is so much more that we hope to experience –
Like gumbos and jambalaya and crawfish boils and all things Cajun…….
Oh, yeah….I definitely think March is gonna be a good month!

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