Staying on the Fence

Remember the Fence Project?
“For the guys, the next three weeks (weather permitting) will be focused on installing fencing. A LOT of fencing – like 2300 feet of new fencing. As in dig the holes and start from scratch 2300 feet of fencing”
Well, it’s been quite a productive week for the fence crew.
There was the Auger Team –
There was the Put the Post in the Hole Team
There was the Cement Mixer Guy
And then there was the Deliver the Cement to the Post Guys Guy
And that guy was My Guy!
And while there were might have been some moment that looked like this
he was one busy dude all week!
There were close to 250 posts
and he was there for almost all of them.
So – 250 posts, each taking about 100# of concrete each – well, you do the math. That’s tons and tons of concrete, moved one wheelbarrow full at a time over the course of the week.
Is it any wonder that by the end of the week (and nearly at the end of the fence posts) this was my last shot of the crew.
Yes, that’s Gary leaning against the tree!
With everyone working together, and four days of great weather, the fence post part of the installation is just about complete! It was a great week, but my sweet hardworking husband is VERY HAPPY that he has the next three days off.
And while those guys were staying on the fence (project), I continued with
Somebody's got to do it!
the dusting.

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