It’s hard to know

just where to begin to recap our week with our Ohio kids and Grandkids!  So I guess I’ll just start at the beginning!

We arrived just in time for a lovely (?) early spring snow storm.
There was lots and lots of snow
but fortunately, as is usually the case with those late winter storms, the snow didn’t stay around too terribly long, and by later that week, all that white stuff was just a memory.
Thank goodness!
Inside the house, the snow was not an issue as Toby and Gary (along with friends Dave and James) got to work on finishing off the basement. There is still plenty of work to do before it’s actually a “finished basement”, but what started out like this –
Ended up looking like this –
Here’s the team working on the ceiling –
And then there was the peanut gallery –
I think the builders were pleased with the progress – walls and ceiling up, insulation done, electric all up to code (and inspected!) and it’s cleaned up and ready for the next mess – step – finishing the drywall. 🙂 Ugh.
But it wasn’t all work. Since the girls were on Spring Break, by the end of the week (once the snow was gone and the days were a bit warmer and Gary & I were feeling a bit better) we were trying to fit in some fun stuff too! Friday afternoon we bundled up and headed to the Columbus Zoo!
Zoo Day-3
Zoo Day-1
Zoo Day-5
Try as I might, I just couldn’t seem to get everyone happy in these group shots –
Zoo Day-7
Zoo Day-2
Zoo Day-4

It was a fun outing – and you could really tell that Spring was in the air!
Zoo Day-6
“Look at me!” “No, look at ME” 🙂

The next day we took a drive out to Mansfield and the Ohio Bird Sanctuary – a bird rescue center.
Our little Ellie is quite the owl fan,
so she was especially delighted to check out the several different owls that were there.
Along with seeing owls, and falcons, and other rescued birds, we also enjoyed a lovely hike!
“I’m coming, Dad!”
And another attempt at the group shot (with a little help from Pops!)
We finished off our day in Mansfield with a great lunch at the Coney Island Diner and then a spin on the historic carousel in the center of town.

It was a fun day, through and through!


OK, enough grandbabies for today! Here’s a real-time update:
We made it safely to Montrose Bible Conference and since it’s been too cold to open up the campground, we’re parked down at the main campus, pretty much in the thick of things.
We’ll be moving to the campground when spring REALLY arrives (it’s going down into the 20’s again tonight!!!!), but for now this is a great spot.
Especially since our work is focused on that big white building on the left! 🙂
We’re getting reacquainted with the area and are beginning to connect with our friends here from last summer.
Yep, it’s good to be back!

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  1. Stephanie: I think I hear cheerfulness in your voice. Have a great time back in PA.

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