Coming right along

Installing the air conditioning into the first floor is coming right along.
The unit is in place, and the ductwork is just about done.

But don’t think it was without a couple of challenges.
Trust me, that’s a real head knocker he’s ducking under there….
And talk about working around the existing conditions…
In the ductwork department there is still a bit of insulation to do and some additional taping – that will largely be my job to “wrap-up”. But Gary has moved on to the wiring. Remember last summer when we were running wire from the first floor control board up to the attic where the 5 units were?
There was a lot of wire happening last summer.
This summer, with only one unit (6 rooms) to wire up, it was a much less intimidating task. And we even managed to do part of it outside!
Once Gary figured out the length he would need (from the unit to the pipe that ran to the first floor and then to the control board – almost 50 ft.) and the number of lengths he would need (15), we moved to the driveway, and started measuring them out.
After we had the 15, we marked each end with tape so he would know which one he was working on.
Then we stretched them out again
and Gary taped the end together and we headed to the crawlspace.
Gary taped that end to the rope that had been previously snaked through the pipe and we were good to go!
And up in the control room –
(It kinda looks like the baby brother of the big wad that came from the attic, doesn’t it? ūüôā )
Final destination on this end –
That last panel on the left. It needs to look like it’s closest neighbor.
And down in the crawlspace – well, see that white board in the picture of the wire going into the tube?
Well, he spent Saturday working on that end of things!


A lot was accomplished this week (even though we did have to make a couple too many supply runs (but they usually involved a Dunkin Donuts coffee stop, so even that wasn’t all bad!)) but there is still plenty of job ahead. ¬†Finishing up the wiring, doing all the piping, running the electric…yeah, we’ll be busy for a while yet. ¬†Well, perhaps I should say that Gary will be busy for a while. ¬†I’m not all that useful in the wiring/piping/electric department. ¬†(And yet, he keeps me around!)

And I’m happy to report that it appears that Spring has finally arrived here in Montrose! ¬†The trees are beginning to leaf out, the daffodils and forsythia are sharing their yellow cheer, and it was warm enough this morning to walk to church.
So happy that spring has finally spring here in Montrose. Walking home from church :).

Hope that spring is happening in your world too!

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