The neighborhood is changing…..

Life here at the campground is pretty quiet.
(Those two older trailers are unoccupied right now.)
But we have been enjoying some seasonal visitors.
First came the Northern Flickers.
Northern Flicker
Northern Flicker-1
Don’t they have the most amazing coloring? They arrived just on the heels of the Robins (not that robins have heels, mind you), and sometimes there would be several of them searching for ants in the grass.
But soon Gary got the bird feeder up
and the neighborhood really began to get interesting!
Of course, our friend the Chipping Sparrow was the first to find the goodies –
but before too long the Dark-Eyed Junco arrived.
The nuthatch arrived
and soon after the chickadee made an appearance.
Of course, even though these aren’t the largest bird feeders going, those ol’ blue jays don’t seem to have any trouble at all getting their share of the birdseed (and some of the smaller birds’ share too, I’m sure!)
A pair of cardinals stops by almost every day – always a delight!
(even if I can’t seem to get very good pictures of them!)
But what I was really looking forward to was the return of the goldfinches!
First the girls came and hung around for a bit. And then the male – a brilliant flash of yellow! Man, I love these little birds!
Separate dining rooms?
Together at last! I really enjoy watching these beauties!
We had a Rose-breasted Grosbeak stop by – but sadly I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to get a good picture.
REALLY hope he/she comes back again for a longer visit.
And the little tufted titmouse darts in and out – talk about hard to get a good shot!
But finally he landed long enough for nice profile shot –

We have the bird feeders set up right in front of the RV so we’ve had a good time getting to know our feathered neighbors. But tonight we looked over to the left and thought we saw a woodpecker. He was already moving away from the rig, but I grabbed the camera and shot in the general direction, hoping to get a picture of him.
Can you find him? Here he is, all cropped down (and pretty darn fuzzy) –
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, I think!
So that’s the neighborhood, so far. If I’ve misidentified any birds, feel free to leave a comment with the correction. We’re still waiting for the hummingbirds to find our hummingbird feeder, but we’re hopeful!
Who know who else might show up for a meal!? We’ll keep you posted!

After Gary wraps up some work in the morning, we’re headed to the Cabin for a nice long weekend. Little Happy Dance happening here! Just thought I’d warn you that it will either be pretty quiet here for the rest of the week, or really chatty and full of cabin pictures. You just never know how these weekend go! 🙂
Cabin May 2011-3
Maybe we’ll catch the pear trees in blossom again!

2 thoughts on “The neighborhood is changing…..”

  1. Hummingbirds finally arrived here(Harford) around the 13th. They are late this year, but it has been really cold. So maybe when you get back from the cabin they will have found their way to Montrose. We have a beautiful Baltimore Oriole at our feeder. Maybe you will see one of those too.
    Have fun at the cabin. You guys deserve a rest! Barb

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