I should have done a daily

Remember back in February when I challenged myself to do a post every day? I was surprised how much “work” that was, finding something interesting to say about each day. (And then doing it, even when I really wanted to just go to bed!) But at the same time I enjoyed the challenge, and with the help of a couple of birthdays and a holiday, I managed to fill up the days. AND, I never got behind and had to figure out just how to summarize the comings and goings of a week.
Which is just where my brain is now. I should have done a quick post for each day during our weekend at The Cabin. So here’s a little quick rewind – :).
Today’s challenge – One Sentence. One Picture. (Lots of commas.)
We got an early start, and arrived at the cabin in good time where we settled in to enjoy a lovely long weekend at the cabin.
cabin may 2013

We were blessed with a perfect Vermont morning (starting with mist and breaking out into bright blue skies) and Gary got a good start on his continued rebuild of the shed.
Whether we were mowing or hammering, cleaning or weed whacking, reading or napping, or figuring out the new iPad (amazed again how we can pick up a bit of internet), it was another picture perfect day.

I left Gary at the cabin, contentedly working on the shed project, and joined Elna and Henry on a day trip to Bethlehem, NH, where Henry was helping their daughter repair the John Deere while Elna and I sat in the sun and had a wonderful long visit.
It didn’t seem quite so hard to leave this time since Gary will be back up in less than two weeks and I’ll be joining him after Girls’ Week, PA Edition, for a couple of days, so we got an early start back to our nest in Montrose.
looks like no sun glare on the way home either.



Phew.  That was hard! Since you know that taking pictures of The Cabin (and its environs) is one of my favorite things to do, guess I’ll just have to do a separate post tonight!

Till then…..

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