The End

Ok, so it’s not THE END, but this should be the end of posts about our Ellie Adventure!
Let me say right now, in unequivocal terms, that if you’re planning on spending a couple of days in Washington, DC, make sure you follow them up with a couple of days in Lancaster County, PA.
I really can’t think of any place better to unwind and recover from the intensity of DC.
Ahh….I feel better just sifting through these photos!
Although Lancaster is hugely effective at lowering blood pressure, there are still lots of fun things to do in the area. We stopped at the Herr’s Snack Factory in Nottingham, PA for their free tour (which finishes off with warm potato chips right of the line and a small bag of chips to take home) –
and we even  had a 5th generation Herr as our tour guide!

After we got settled in our new campground

a couple of us took a nice dip in the pool.
A perfect end to a travel day!
Thursday we hung out with dear DIL and sweet grandson W (no pictures – but it did involve another pool!), and then in the afternoon we were all delighted by the production of NOAH at Sight and Sound.
Our private backstage tour was a true delight (thanks to J&A’s friend!).
That’s Ellie standing center stage on one of the world’s largest stage. Pretty amazing!
Friday we slept in and then checked out the National Toy Train Museum
which was very, very fun!
I love the details in model trains!
We did a bit of shopping and then just hung around the campground, packing up and getting ready for our next trip – taking Ellie back to her family! 🙁
Once again we were headed across the state to hook-up with Mom and Dad, but this time we stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial
Flight 93 Memorial
So glad we stopped – we must never forget their sacrifice.
And so it was we returned Ellie to her family and our long awaited adventure drew to a close. I know it’s a week that we won’t forget anytime soon, and we trust that Ellie will keep some of these memories close also!

Just think – it’s only two years until it’s Hayley’s turn!

Oh – I almost forgot – you’d like to scroll through the whole set of Ellie’s Adventure – Here you go!  I think they are in relatively the correct order!

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