Pennsylvania’s Barns

We’ve done a lot of driving around Pennsylvania this summer.  Let’s see, there have been a couple of trips to Lancaster, a drive to (and through) beautiful Perry County, a drive to Greencastle and of course, there were the two drives across the state to Washington, PA (just this side of the WV border) to pick up and deliver Ellie for our Big Adventure.
Lots and lots of miles. And for some reason, this summer I have been totally enamored with Pennsylvania’s Barns.
Some that are beautifully maintained
And some, not so much!
But they all seem to want to tell a story – either from today
or from days gone by.
And every now and again you come across one that actually does tell a story!
Of course there are always the beautiful barns in Lancaster County
that never fail to calm my soul.
I even noticed this barn on one of our parts’ runs. Sweet Gary actually stopped the truck so I could get out and  take the picture –
This barn caught my eye this morning (on another parts run). Next time maybe I'll catch some blue sky.
Barns. I love ’em!

The other constant, it has seemed, during our traipsing around the state, is the Susquehanna River. Really, it’s everywhere!!! I knew we crossed it in Harrisburg, GoingHome-2
and we watched the trains roll across it on the historic Rockville Bridge in Marysville, PA.
But when I drove to Towanda last week to meet my high school BF for lunch, I was surprised to cross it once again. (No picture – too much traffic and I was, after all, driving!). But on the way home, I stopped at the “Marie Antoinette Overlook” (I think the French settlers in the area were hoping that she was going to settle in the area back in late 1700’s. Something else apparently came up (or down, as the case might be!).)
And that was one fine view – combining both the river, and a couple of beautiful farms.
To the left –
To the right –
And all together!
susquanna_Panorama copy

For a girl who lived the first fifty-two years of her life outside of Philadelphia, I have to confess that the different faces of Pennsylvania continue to beguile me.

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