Freshening up

It’s been so hot here that it’s hard to feel “fresh” about anything. So it was a good thing that our main task this week was to freshen up one of the motel rooms. (Let me mention here that it was an air conditioned motel room.) It was really a test case to see if painting the dark paneling (circa 1970) that covered two of the walls would be a viable (and economical) option to brighten up those 16 motel rooms. Let’s see what you think!
Here is a very blurry picture of the room as we were getting it ready to paint.
The paneling was in good shape, just dark and dated.
First there was the taping….
and then the priming –
Ugh….not so sure about it this point. But we pressed on with the top coat –
We were a little disappointed that two coats didn’t quite cut it –
But after that third coat…..
I think we had a winner!
I definitely think we have some job security for the last 5 weeks of the project! And it’s something that once Gary helps me get started (taking down the lamps, helping to move the furniture, etc.), I can tackle it largely on my own. Which leaves Gary available for window replacement, banister repair and other Gary-type jobs.

The heat continues here in Montrose (and most of the eastern part of the US – I sure you noticed!), but we’re headed to Vermont tomorrow so all is good. We’ll be stopping to see our good friends in Ludlow, VT, and then Saturday morning we’ll head to the Cabin for the annual Cabin Association Meeting. It official in that we review whether we have enough funds to pay the taxes, discuss the condition of the road, and maybe decide where to hang the new first aid kit. But it’s a delight in that I get to spend the day with ALL of my siblings (and even a couple of spouses), and even though that does happen about once a year these days, I will never take that for granted.
‘Cause we go back a long way!

Have a good weekend, everyone! Stay cool, and now go drink another glass of water!

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