Looking closely

The back gardens at Montrose are just a bit on the wild side these days.  But although the plants might be looking a little crowded, and the weeds are filling in all of the blank spots, there is still a sense of loveliness in this garden.
And if you look closely, there’s always something going on  for sure!
This year I spotted something new.  I guess it had been there all along, but I don’t think I ever noticed those beautiful hydrangea before.
Aren’t they lovely?

Pinks and purples and creamy white against shades of dark green?
But did you know this little secret about hydrangeas? If you stop and look  inside the bloom you can see that there is another flower hiding in the petals.
Now I’m certain that little flower-in-a-flower serves some great and wonderful purpose in the life cycle of that hydrangea, but I’m amazed how God chose to make  necessary components so very, very lovely. And in such beautiful colors. What a gracious God we serve that makes such beauty for us to enjoy.

This morning we dug up some lilies (yes, we asked first!) to take to  friends we’ll be seeing over this weekend. And here again I was struck with the unnecessary beauty of flowers.
Why, even the weeds uncultivated flowers have beauty in their different stages of bloom.
“And God saw that it was good.”


We are heading off for a final jaunt to parts south (that would be South Pennsylvania) today.  We’ll be hanging out with some dear SOWER friends (or maybe I should say “friends that are also SOWERS”), hugging our sweet W and his mom and dad, and then a quick trip to hometown to see if anyone there remembers us ! What I won’t be doing (in all likelihood) is updating this blog! See you next week – and thanks again for stopping by!


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