It’s been a week –

and I’m sorry it’s been so quiet around here! In a way it’s been as busy as can be, and in another way there just hasn’t been too much to report!
So where was I? Oh right, the annual Board meeting.
SOWER 2013 Board of Trustees
We welcomed three new members to the Board this year, and much was accomplished during our two day meeting. Along with all the business we addressed, there was also a fair bit of fellowship going on (which seemed to largely revolve around eating!).
One of these days I’m going to remember to say ‘”Hey, everyone! Look this way!”. Oh well. But we all had a great time – it’s kind of like condensing a 3 week SOWER project into a 4 day extravaganza!
We enjoyed hanging out in the Lindale “campground” for a couple of extra days and then on Monday we headed to Waco, for a little howdy-do with Lara’s (and now our) friends!
We managed to snag our favorite spot at Midway Park –
and then enjoyed a fun potluck at the campground last night and then a quiet evening with the housemates just tonight.
We head out tomorrow, which is a really good thing. Thanks to the “government shut-down” our campground will be closed for business starting tomorrow. Sigh.
But the big news, the REALLY big news is that our sweet Ohio Family –
welcomed a new brother to the family just this evening!
Reis Tobias
Welcome to the family, Reis Tobias! We’ve all be waiting for your safe arrive (though it’s way easier for us to wait than those folks in Ohio) and we’re so thankful that you are here safe and sound and that Mommy is doing well too! Thank-you, Lord, for this precious new member of our family!

Heading off for a couple of days in the “Hill Country” tomorrow before we reach our final destination in the Rio Grande Valley. Might be a couple of pictures coming your way……

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