An ordinary week

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about the past week in an interesting way.  Let’s face it, some day are just plain ordinary. Regular. Simple.  And trust me, I know that’s not a bad thing.  Simple is good. Regular is comforting. Ordinary is a blessing. But, it does make it hard to blog about. 🙂

I wasn’t sure if you wanted to know how Gary and I spent last Saturday doing some long overdue chores. Like how we spend the morning scrubbing our sunshades
so that we could get them on the rig to help keep the blazing South Texas sun from beating in through those great front windows!
(The beauty of those shades is that they give some wonderful privacy as well. And though they do obstruct our view a bit, we still feel like we can see out!)
Or if you would find it interesting that we made some good progress on removing the failed Diamond Shield from the front of the RV.
Yuck. This has been one of those little-bit-at-a-time projects. The dirt you see is actually underneath the plastic sealant, which once you scrape off still leaves behind a very stubborn adhesive. Some of our tools of the morning –
and we still haven’t found the definitive solvent. But yet we persevere. That blazing South Texas sun was actually helpful in getting the layer of plastic off (and I have the sunburned shoulders to prove it),
but I eventually moved to a smaller area to get a sense of accomplishment.
Let’s hear it for small victories!

Guess what’s happening in this picture?
FOT Campground-5
It’s a chip repair on the windshield. A little preventative measure to keep it from becoming a crack.
I guess that’s a little out of the ordinary.

The work front has been a bit on the ordinary side too. We’re here at Macedonian Christian Academy to help install the air conditioning in their new school building. However, as so very often happens, there have been some delays in getting said new building up –
It’s THERE – it’s just not up!
So we’re waiting on the Lord’s timing on this one. Gary is keeping busy with lots of jobs over at the existing school and I’m helping out a bit here and there. So it’s been a quiet week for me. Mostly hanging around the campground
enjoying the ordinary things.

Yet, just as I sat here writing about The Ordinary, this happened.
My. Oh. My. There was no way to capture this, but hundreds and hundreds of butterflies were passing by the RV, on their way to Mexico, no doubt.

Looks like things aren’t so ordinary after all!

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