Looking back and looking ahead

Although our RV-ing anniversary falls in August, there is always something about opening up a new calendar that just makes you want to take a look back over the last year and see where you’ve been. This year I thought I’d check back and see where we’ve been on other January 1st’s  (give or take a week!)
January 2005 – our first January on the road. We were about to start our 3rd SOWER project which was located in central Florida. And our adventure was going in a new and exciting direction!
A New Year and A New Focus
January 2006 – We were in San Antonio – and headed to the Rio Grande Valley to serve at three different projects over that winter.
San Antonio
January 2007 – We were serving in North Florida for an extended SOWER assignment at Teen Challenge. My post for the New Year –
January 2008 – We were back at Teen Challenge, still helping out with their new building, and also spending a lot of time in the kitchen, feeding those hungry boys!
And Now for 2008 ~
January 2009 – New Years day found us in Ohio with the kids, but after we were reunited with Lizzie (who was parked in Arizona), we were headed to a project just outside of San Diego in Southern California!
Real Life
January 2010 – Again, a delightful New Year’s Christmas in Ohio, and then back to work in California (closer to LA this time). Let’s not forget that the summer of 2009 was our Alaskan Adventure, so that’s why we were still on the West Coast!
Getting from Here to There
January 2011 – Early January found us finishing up the big kitchen remodel in Waco, TX, but our official ‘home’ for January was in the Florida Keys. Ah…..
Getting to our January Home
January 2012 – Back to Texas again! We were in Waco for New Years again and this time our January project was still in the state at Camp Tejas, in Giddings.
Camp Tejas
January 2013 – Well, just last year we were here in the valley. There were two project we hadn’t done last time we were this far south, so we drove to the Rio Grande Valley again.
All Good

And that, dear friends, brings us up to 2014! And here we are, back in the Valley again!  Although we love to work at new (to us) SOWER projects, we’re back here at Macedonian Christian Academy to help with their new school construction.  It’s been exciting to see the school being built right before our eyes!

We’ve been hanging around Texas over the last several winters for a couple of reasons –
1) Until this past summer, beautiful daughter Lara lived in Waco. A very good reason indeed!
2) The SOWER headquarters is in Texas and I’ve needed to be there in September for the last 4 years for trustee meetings. And with the price of fuel, we really can’t go zig-zagging around the country, now can we?!
3) There are 25 SOWER projects in this big state – which gives us lots of opportunities for service!
4) Generally it’s nice and warm in Texas in the winter.  Or at least in the parts that we aim for! (And even though it was in the 30’s yesterday, the local weather guy is promising 80 by the weekend! Sweet!)

Looking ahead – well, we hope that after one more summer in the East, and one last trustee meeting in September, we’ll be heading West.  We don’t know for sure, but we’re looking to finish out 2014 in New Mexico or Arizona.  But let’s face it – I don’t want to hurry the year.  And where I am parked is really not so very important.  This year,  I want to say with Charles Spurgeon

Oh that this evening [year] the Lord may find in my heart a highway made ready by his grace, that he may make a triumphal progress through the utmost bounds of my soul, from the beginning of this year even to the end of it.    (Morning and Evening, day 3)


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