And so it goes….

Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? And a good week last week? We’ve been keeping busy and I trust you have been too! Gary has been very focused on his HVAC/Electric job over at the job site.
Good thing knows what he's doing, right?
With only two weeks left in our time here, he wants to leave “his area” as organized as possible!
Needless to say, he has some great job security!
I’ve been bouncing around, helping out where needed. I often cover the front desk at the school, sometimes I work in the job site office, and if Gary needs my expert wire-pulling skills – well, I’m there for him too! And then there is also our Sewing Class –
MCASewing Class-11
And so it goes – busy days, doing what we’re called to do. And loving it!
Yesterday, while Gary was busy wiring away at the job site, 6 of us SOWER ladies enjoyed the 2014 Rio Grande Valley Quilt Show!
(I really need to work on my “group selfie” skills!)
But oh, what a grand time we had!
So many colors
So many textures
So many ideas!
We were inspired by the presentation of a quilt to a veteran
and moved by a quilt made out of the shirt pockets of a beloved husband, now home with the Lord.
We were challenged with new techniques (well, at least ones we hadn’t yet tried)
and encouraged to see the classics presented in a new and exciting way.
Our breath was taken away with the intricacies of some
and we found rest in the calm of simplicity.
There was beautiful hand applique and hand quilting
along with great ideas to do it all by machine!
We picked up some ideas to use up our stash
and also picked up some inspiration to start something all together new!
(OK, so realistically, I doubt I’ll be doing THAT one, but there was just SO MUCH INSPIRATION!).
After a sweet lunch out, we all returned to our rigs to figure out just what to start sewing on first!
So many ideas, so little time!

My Valentine’s Day ended out with a trip to a local pizza joint with my sweetie
Even the pizza place is all about Valentine's Day.
and enough leftovers to feed us through the weekend!
Hope you all have a great weekend. I think I hear some fabric calling me……

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  1. Stephanie, I loved your post today. Such inspiration. I am so happy that you and Gary are living your dreams of giving back. This is where the blessing truly is. I have to say I got a good laugh this a.m. about the selfie comment!

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