First Day on the job

Wait, you might say – TODAY was your first day on the job? Don’t you usually start on a Monday? Well, yes. Most of the other SOWERS started on Monday as usual. I, however, following a long Sunday night and early Monday morning in the bathroom dealing with either a stomach bug or some bad food, spent Monday trying not to count the number of naps I was taking and then spent Tuesday attempting to get re-hydrated and gain back some energy. So when Wednesday dawned bright and clear (as did I!), it was with great joy that I got myself up and joined the rest of the SOWER gang. 🙂
This month, at least to start, all of us – men and women – are working at the same location.
There’s a big push to get this building completed for the summer season (spring would be even better!), and even though it’s well on its way, there is still a ton to do!
Oh yeah, baby – there’s electric to finish, doors to hang, trim to trim, and lots and lots of sanding and staining of paneling. Aside from this big center room, there are four rooms off of each wing. And they all have the same half wall needs-to-be-sanded-and-stained paneling. Not to mention bathrooms to install and flooring to finish. Can you guess what we ladies are primarily tasked to do? Yep – taking care of the needs-to-be-sanded-and-stained paneling.
Honest, we were smiling.
While Amy and I were busy sanding, another group of ladies was busy staining –
Some were even busy sanding away on the outside!
This is Jenny – our Lady Group Leader
That means she’s in charge. Of us anyway. When we let her. 🙂
The guys have plenty to keep them busy too – but I didn’t get many good pictures of them. But here’s a shot you don’t see very often –
Gary leaning against a wall. I promise I’ll do a better job of capturing the guys at work tomorrow! (See that – more needs-to-be-sanded-and-stained paneling! It’s everywhere!!!)

It was such a pretty day (and I was so delighted to be feeling well!), that I did a bit of a walk-about after lunch. This is a beautiful conference center located at the north end of Lake Livingston (TX) and it has a lovely shoreline view.
If When the weather warms up significantly, I bet there might be some fun to be had too!

All in all, it was a beautiful First Day on the job – on what promises to be a great project!
Quite a change from our last neighborhood, eh?

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  1. Awesome photos. Looks like you all have fun working as a big happy family supporting each other. Have a wonderful time finishing this pretty building.

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