A bit of diversity….

One of the things that I love about SOWERS is that often our jobs change every day. I’ve been doing a bit of painting here and there, but mostly I’ve tried to be available to be Gary’s Helper. Since the motel sidewalk project has been moving kind of slowly, Gary has been working hard to fill his days – and mine too! He’s had to trouble shoot an A/C issue or two –
I wasn’t much help on the first one (all those gauges and things), but on the second one I was the chief tool getter and ladder holder. Both tasks fully within my skill set. 🙂
But one day this week, he really put me to work. See these pine trees?
Our job was to trim the second and third pine trees in this row (you can’t even tell the third one is there) to look like the first one (trimmed by Gary the week before!). Needless to say, Gary was the ladder-man in this job.
Or maybe I should say he was the tree-climbing man –
Or maybe the tree-hugging man…..
Me? Well I was the haul the branches away girl (and once again the ladder holder). I was also the one holding my breath knowing I would not have been very effective in catching the tree-climbing one!
Not a bad morning’s work for a couple of folks who get a Senior Citizen Discount most everywhere they go!
I’m happy to report that a local tree service came later in the week and chipped up the branches (and for way less than it would have cost us to rent a chipper and do the work ourselves – how sweet is that!) and hauled away all the chips (is that what the product of a chipper is called?). Which is a good thing, because by Friday afternoon the material for the new walkway had arrived and needed a place to live.
Gary and the maintenance guys continued to break away the concrete along the first section
and by Saturday afternoon they had it leveled pretty well.
Motel walkway
Tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be his helper again as he begins the actual construction of the new deck/walkway.
Should I be concerned that we picked up a new pair of knee-pads at Lowes today?
Hmmm…… We’ll see what the new day will bring!

One thought on “A bit of diversity….”

  1. Stephanie, At least while Gary was up the tree you should remember that our hospital is not far away 🙂 So glad you didn’t need it.
    Sorry you couldn’t sit next to us Sun. I am not sure what that was about. We are not supposed to be saving seats. Enjoy the 4th in wonderful MOntrose!

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