So thankful for The Professionals

Friday was a wild and crazy day here at Montrose Bible Conference.  As the final week of kids camp was wrapping up over at the Youth Campus, the conference center was gearing up for a full house of weekend guests down at the Adult Campus, followed by a one of their biggest weeks of the year – the Montrose Christian Writers Conference.  Lots of last minute room checking and basic sprucing up was happening. So it only made sense that it was also the day that the painters showed up to do the barn roof. Now as SOWERS, we are often asked to do painting.  But THIS painting was far beyond the scope of us old folks.
Yep – this roof definitely called for Professionals!
Crazy, right?
Finished product –
And it was all done before lunch! I was busy working in the laundry (the small outbuilding on the right connected to the barn) so I could peek out and see what was going on. I’m pretty sure that fellow had done a fair bit of roof walking in his day. 🙂
Meanwhile, over at the motel, this was happening.
And if you can’t tell what “this” is – remember the walkway that Gary jack-hammered away a couple of weeks ago (in preparation of the new decking)? Much to his delight, a local contractor came in to tear up the next section he was slated to be working on.
He loved that instead of wielding a jack hammer, his biggest job was keeping the rubble out of the driveway. Excavating-5
And man, watching the pros do their thing – it did his heart good! (and saved a fair bit of body wear and tear too!)
What had taken Gary (and the other 2 maintenance guys off and on) 3+ days to accomplish was completed in about two hours.
Which gave him the whole afternoon to fashion temporary entrances into those two rooms.
It isn’t glamorous, but it got the job done! Next week those will be the only two rooms unoccupied, so he’ll be able to get right back to his deck building.
But remember this step?
Guess what I was doing in the afternoon……
Yep – re-cleaning those rooms.
Ah, the fine, fine dust of progress!

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