Happy Anniversary!

I’ve been looking back over some of my earliest posts on this blog and came across this little nugget from back in July, 2004 (just before we set out on this great adventure) –
Even in our excitement about the adventure ahead, there is the reality of relationships that will be left behind. I guess that’s why we have this website – so that we can stay connected to friends and family.
SayinggoodbyeToday marks the completion of 10 years on the road. Ten years. Oh, my. When we set out on this “sabbatical” we had no idea we were actually embarking on a new life. And truth be told, leaving behind those relationships has been one of the less-than-joyful parts of what has otherwise  been an amazing journey. Staying in touch with far away friends is, I believe, a challenge for most of us. So as I’ve written these posts over the years, I often feel as though I am writing a letter to dear friends. You. To those who have been reading (and traveling) along for the last ten years I can only offer my heartfelt thanks. And to those of you whom we have met along the way – thanks for joining us in our journey. For as much as leaving relationships behind has been a less-than-joyful part of this life, there has been abundant joy in building new relationship and strengthening ones that were already in our hearts. Along with all of the new friends we’ve made along the way, we’ve managed to reconnect with high school and college friends (I’m having lunch with a high school friend next week!) and we have recently been able to exchange hugs with a niece and nephew (and extended family) that we hadn’t seen in at least 12 years.
So 10 years, over 75,000 RV miles, and 47 states later, yes – we’ve seen some amazing places. But, oh, it’s the people we’ve met along the way that have been a blessing we value beyond words.

Here’s to another 10!


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  1. Wow, I still remember the day we all said goodbye in the church parking lot! So much has happened in those ten years to all of us. But you’re right it’s the people in our lives that matter the most. I thank God for all the people he has put in my life-what would I have done or been without them. So Gary and Steph, can’t wait till our paths cross again! Happy motoring!

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