It’s less than a week away…..

But that could also be interpreted as – Oh. My. Goodness. We only have a week to wrap up this project!
Motel walkway
Gary’s been putting in extra time with the end-of-the-project deadline looming large but with the help of a local excavator who took out the remaining sections of concrete (yippee!!!!),
he’s made some great progress!
Oh, there’s still plenty to do this week – the stairs need to be finished up, and there are some fans that need to be installed under the stairs to vent the crawlspace. (Pretty glad I won’t be helping with that little project.  Or at least I don’t think I’ll be helping….Gulp.)
We’ve really enjoyed having two other SOWER couples here, too.
The guys have been mostly working on a nearby house that has been donated to the conference center (except when Gary needs them on the walkway), and we ladies have been painting the remaining motel rooms (on this side) along with some painting down where the guys are working. With four working days left we have two rooms remaining. We’re so very hopeful that by the end of the week that side of the motel will be all done and ready for business over the winter.
So the week behind us was busy indeed. And the week ahead promises to be be just as full. But lest you think that life last week was all work and no play –
Bucket #4. What a great afternoon.
Oh, yeah, baby. Plenty of goodness to go around!


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