The Non-GL Report

Before too many days go by after the end of our project at Eagle Rock Boys Ranch, I thought I’d do a little (non) GL (Group Leader) Report. 🙂  The Ranch is home to about 15 boys who have (largely) been through the system and have no where else to go.  Scott, the director, calls them “exceptionally distressed”.  As is often the case, we didn’t actually work with these boys, but rather concentrated on some “property maintenance”.  Right now the Ranch has two locations.
The original one –
which has two residences, the office and the RV hook-ups.

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It also has a very long drive and very long trains that go by about a dozen times a day. Give or take.
And then there is the new property – which, hopefully, once it’s completely developed, will be the only property.

Alabama2014-6 Alabama2014-7

The vision for the new property is that it will not only be home to the boys, but will also have the RV park and possibly some greenhouses and other revenue generating enterprises.
Then there are the two Thrift Shops – which currently exist to support the Ranch.

Untitled IMG_0372_edited-1

Needless to say, we all found plenty to do! Gary worked on the HVAC systems in all the existing buildings, while the other two guys worked on the new RV sites. Gary did get to do a little excavation work once he got caught up on the HVAC work,
and then it got so cold and wet that everyone was looking for inside jobs!
Which brings us the the Thrift Stores – and what kept us ladies busy for three weeks.
We sorted and straightened and tagged and sized – and man, did we have a good time! These were both large stores with donations galore.  I never realized the organization and thought process that goes into ‘thrift shop management’.  It really is quite the business!  I had a good time searching out the very best of the bargains (with the biggest mark-downs), and most every day left with a little bag of treasures. (It’s a good thing December’s project will most likely find me with a paint brush in my hand as opposed to a hanger!)

The three weeks went by quickly – just enough eating out and ‘sploring to make it fun, but not enough to break the bank! We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know two new (to us) SOWER couples and were blessed to be able to be a small part of this ministry.

Right now we’re camped in a little city park in Opelousas, Louisiana for a couple of days until we go into our December project down the road in Eunice. Our days will be filled with chores and Christmas sewing and maybe a couple of naps. Thanks for stopping by – praying you have a great Thanksgiving week!

PS – There are a couple more Eagle Rock Project pictures HERE if you’re interested!

2 thoughts on “The Non-GL Report”

  1. Hi Stephanie. That was a great write-up for this organization. Of course you always have a gift if communication. We see you are heading to ABC Camp in Eunice. You will enjoy all of the staff there, and they can use the Conrad’s expertice.
    Blessings to you both. Morris says hello too.

  2. Great write up. The time went fast (don’t they always?)
    Again it was a blessing to work with them as they strive to love on those boys and give them the parenting they need.

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