Getting Here

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of our actual “traveling down the road” photos, hasn’t it? Well, it is true that we’re not moving around quite as much as we have in the past, but still and all,  windshield shots will always be favorites of mine. I especially love it when I’m following in the truck and I get to (quickly, with my eyes always on the road) snap a picture of our house actually moving down the road.
But for most of our 500 mile drive from northern Alabama to southern Louisiana we were together, with the road stretching out before us.
Although most of our trip was interstate to interstate (and with usually a fair bit more traffic than the shot above), we did take a short detour and traveled about 50 miles down the Natchez Trace.
While I would never recommend taking this route if you’re in a hurry (especially if you get behind one of those big ol’ motorhomes towing a truck with their cruise control set 5 miles BELOW the speed limit (55)), I would highly recommend this route if you’d like to see some beautiful countryside and maybe even learn a little history along the way.
Since we did the history part of this lovely two lane road when we did the WHOLE Natchez Trace back in 2005, our drive this time was just a short lower-the-blood-pressure travel interlude.
And oh so worth it! (Don’t you feel calmer already?)
Not too much farther down the road we came to this –
Under construction, skinny lanes, high bridges. Wheeeeeee!
We did have a good trip though. No major traffic hold-ups, that nice stretch of the Trace to break up the Interstate miles and we were even blessed with a lovely sunset –

So where, you might be asking, is ‘here’? Well, we are in Eunice, LA, – a small community located in the heart of Cajun Country.
We’ve finished our first week of work at Acadian Baptist Center, done a bit of exploring (including checking out some local eateries (Gumbo -yum!), scoped out a local cafe (with internet and amazing scones) and generally enjoyed some fine 70 degree days. All in all a great start to December! Hope your December has had a great start too! Here’s another windshield shot to help that blood pressure, just in case!

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