Our very first granddaughter turns 12 today. She ushered us into the world of “Grams and Pops” and gave us the first glimpse of how big our hearts could swell with grandparent Ellie2015love. We’d always heard that being grandparents was wonderful, but Ellie proved to us that it was true. She’s probably tired of hearing, “I can’t believe you’re 12 already!” so what I want to say (regardless of whether or not I can believe she’s 12), thank-you for being such a wonderful 12 year old! You’re smart and kind and generous and creative. And even quite adorable (I can say that without any prejudice because it’s true)!

So Happy, Happy Birthday to our precious Eliana Grace – who even at the ripe old age of twelve, still knows how to have a good time!

EllieSilly2015 EllieDressedup2015

We love you to the moon and back!!!

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