A bit of a diversion…..

Today we did what RVers love to do – We went to a big ol’ RV show and looked at all the shiny new models that we know we can’t afford!
Houston, here we come!
Heading into Houston for the Houston RV Show. It's always fun to look, right? #couldbedangerous
Oh, my – so many RV’s – so little time!
There were big things
Houston RV show
and little things
Houston RV show
These little tear drops are so cute. But they would be deadly for us, I fear!
We were mostly looking at 5th wheels – just for the fun of it, mind you – but I couldn’t resist stopping in at some of the Class A Diesel Pushers (that’s what we have – though she’s almost 12 years old).
Houston RV show
Houston RV show
So Fancy! And check out the shower –
Oh, my!
Even the 5th Wheels were Tres Elegant!
Houston RV show
Stone fireplace? Really?
We had a great time oohing and ahhing and trying not to faint over the “special” show prices. (Hey, look – we can save $55,000 dollars today!!!!) It’s a good thing we were only window shopping, cause there are some crazy expensive units out there.
We came home empty handed, except for some freebies and literature. And Lizzie was waiting patiently for our return. She may be getting a bit worn around the edges, but we love her dearly –
‘Cause there’s no place like Home, and there’s no better feeling than “Paid For”.

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