Texas Winter

Right now I have on 5 layers and I’m still cold. The heater is running non-stop it seems and my feet don’t  warm up until I’ve been in bed for an hour. With them tucked under Gary’s legs. It’s barely made it up to 40 the last two days, with the nights dropping below freezing. Folks are scrambling to keep their plants covered and their pets warm. Although we never had more that cold, almost freezing rain (watch those bridges and overpasses), snow was falling to the north and east of us. Big fat Texas-sized flakes.
But lest you think I’m complaining (well, I am a little. I really hate being cold), there is a certain beauty to the Texas winter weather. And it can be summed up with these 8 little words –
Livingston weatherTomorrow is forecast to be warmer than today.
And by Sunday – did you see the “70” there? Oh, yeah, baby.

Even through the cold, gray, drizzly weight of our recent weather, I was reminded that Spring really is right around the corner.
UntitledThank you, Mr. Redbud Tree, for ignoring the memo about the cold.

4 thoughts on “Texas Winter”

  1. And we are going to start 5 days of snowy weather. Living in Houston for a number of years, I learned that winters in East Texas really suck.A mix of cold/wet and warm/humid make for misery. The only thing I can think of that would be worse is winters in Boston.
    Hope the warmer weather will last.

  2. I left of this suggestion. Switch your weather App to Amarillo. When comparing the forecast, you will automatically feel warmer. Didn’t you guys live up north before RVing?

  3. Ah, Jerry – Winter in East Texas has been a bit crazy this year! I wasn’t expecting warm and balmy, but it certainly has been a roller coaster. But at least, no snow! You’ve really had some fun days!

  4. Yes – we’re from Pennsylvania (near Philly). But that’s why we live in a house with wheels, right? I just have to look at where the kids are (Ohio & PA) to feel warmer – and a bit ashamed to be complaining!

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