Sea Glass

Do not be confused. We are nowhere near the sea. Sea Glass is the name of the quilt pattern my sweet daughter asked me to make for her baby.
As beautiful as this pattern is (and I really did love it), my first thoughts were “Wow, look at all that applique. And is that hand quilting?” True confession – I’ve been quilting (in various degrees of intensity) for about 40 years, and I must admit that applique has never been my strong suit. And I hadn’t hand quilted in many a year.  But it was just a small quilt (I said to myself), and it was for Little Miss (now we know her as Alexandra, but at the time she was Little Miss) so I took on the challenge! Lara and I were able to shop together to choose the fabrics, and before I knew it I was cutting out all manner of pink petals.

It went together pretty well (thank goodness for fusible web) and I have to admit that the hand quilting was quite therapeutic. I’d forgotten the quiet joy of handwork.
All in all – in spite of my insecurities – I think it turned out quite nicely!
Alexandra wasn’t too impressed, but I think her mom was pleased.
And for now, anyway, it’s found its home on her wall.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in our years on the road – in regards to sewing/quilting, anyway – is smaller is usually better. Or at least easier. And making quilts (or placemats or snack bags or Christmas stockings or purses or whatever) for a grandbaby (of any age) is always a joy!
In fact, this little pile of cheer
is fast becoming a baby quilt for this little guy.
Taran smile
No pictures of that until he gets it!

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