The Week In-Between

Because we do our SOWER work most every month, we always appreciate our “off” week that happens at the end of each project. Sometimes we use that week off to travel to the next location. Often it’s filled with chores and catch-ups from things that we didn’t get done during our busy working weeks. Occasionally we even get to spend some of the time with the kids and the grands. (Love when that happens!) But every once in a while, when we don’t have far to travel to our next project we check into a local campground  and just hang out for a couple of days.

And so it was that we landed at Lake Livingston State Park, not exactly parked at the water’s edge, but close enough.  The weather wasn’t especially cooperative (cool and rainy most days), but since we were hanging out with our good friends Don & Jenny,  the fact that we couldn’t sit out by the campfire for hours on end didn’t really matter.  We made our own fun!

Like an impromptu trip to Costco (50 miles away). Jenny had a return and I needed almonds. Seemed like a couple of good reasons to go, right?
Or playing cards IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! Say what? How crazy is that?????
We took a field trip to look at a prospective project over in Rosebud, Texas,
Driving to College Station
and managed to fit in a stop at Cocoamoda – the best little chocolate shop in Texas!
Expensive cappuccino and three dollar truffles. Oh, yeah, baby – all caution was being thrown to the wind!
We finished off that day with a tour of the Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital.
Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital
Interesting tour of the large animal hospital of Texas A & M. #jennysidea #thanksjenny
And even though we were touring the Large Animal Hospital, we were able to get up-close-and-personal with this one-day old pygmy goat.
Baby Pygmy Goat
Quite a bonus, I would say! And quite a day!
In a final bit of decadence, we had homemade blueberry pancakes with Vermont maple syrup at 10:00 AM this morning! Just about over the top of craziness! 😉
Today, the last full day of our R&R, was our first really sunny day, and even though it was barely in the 40’s, it was still a beautiful day!
Finally Sunshine
Tomorrow we head into Trinity Pines (just 30 miles down the road) and get settled in for our March project. We’ve had an outstanding little R&R here at Lake Livingston, and were blessed tonight with one last little bit of extravagance –

How good our God is!

Thanks for stopping by!

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