A blur

This last week has been a total and absolute blur. It’s been a spectacularly wonderful blur, but it’s been a blur nonetheless!
We wrapped up a great month of service at Trinity Pines a week ago, where much was accomplished, much laughter was shared, and many friendships built.
The ladies painted and painted and painted and then painted some more. There were doors to paint, walls to paint, refrigerators to paint, buildings to paint and trim to paint. (After such concentrated efforts my co-workers told me I needed to up my painting “skill level” from a 2 (out of 5, 5 being professional and 0 being unable to do a task) to a 3. Seems to me I might be able to go up to 2.5, but I’m not so sure (without such sterling help) that I’d really be a 3.)
These two pictures show 6 out of the 7 (Karen was working on the refrigerator refurbishing) of us working on the first building
By the last day of the project we were in a frenzied push to get a second building done (front and dormer only) and even called in two of the guys to help (mostly because we lost two of our ladies to some interior painting).  Mission accomplished!
I feel I need to share just one more painting picture –
ladies on roof
Yes, friends and family, that is me, on a roof. I knew you would need proof if I ever tried to tell you I actually did it, so there you go!
The guys were just as busy and did a great job almost completing that family cabin they were working on. Remember that picture from when we first got here?
Here is how it looked by the end of the month –
Windows, door, decking, and siding all complete. And of course, what you can’t see is the electrical, ductwork, insulation, plumbing, etc. that was accomplished on the inside. (I’m sure if we’d had another week we would have gotten that building painted green too!)

Along with the cabin construction they also had a bonus job when the ceiling fell in at one of the lodges we where were painting.
They pulled it all down, put in some venting and then insulated it (along with adding a ridge vent and soffet venting so it won’t happen again). Nothing like a little unexpected ceiling collapse to re-number the job list!
So yes, it was a great month where much was accomplished. But more than that it was a great month of building relationships. Games were played, treats were shared, stories told, and lives were enriched. We haven’t worked with a large group since last March, and it was a total delight to “do life” with these friends.
So while the month of March was a blur (mostly a green blur), the days following the end of the project were even more so.
But that will have to wait for another day! For right now I’ll just share a link to some additional photos from our Trinity Pines project (HERE) if you’d like to see more of ladies painting and men doing manly things!
Thanks for stopping by – there will be more blur updates in the days to come, I promise!

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