Made it!

Today was our final day on the road (in the RV) for the next three months.
Last leg has begun. #ontheroadagain
It was a good day of travel – traffic was light, we finished up a book on tape, and made a quick stop for a mid-day breakfast that only involved one U-Turn (U-turn = Challenge in Gary’s book. U-turn = YIKES in my book).
Spring was harder to find the closer we got to the Endless Mountains of PA, and there was still ice on Lake Montrose, but I’m certain I saw some daffodils peeking up near the office.
We’re in a temporary spot (the official campground isn’t open yet – that’s what an April arrival does!), but the slides are out, the power is on, and we’re delighted to be back with our good friends here at Montrose Bible Conference.

One thought on “Made it!”

  1. I think spring is scheduled for July 4th this year!!!! haha. We came home from Fl a month early as we had a broken hot water pipe in our upper room where we use to quilt so that room, the living room, dining room and kitchen are all torn down to the studs and the basement had 4+” of water raining down from above. We are living in a town house in Perkasie until our house is repaired. Could be 6mos or more. Waiting on ins right now. So we missed being in Fl with the grands for the month of March. They are moving to Amarillo, Texas so won’t be going to Fl next winter or maybe not Texas. 2 years in a year with coming home to water woes is a bit much. Last year our refrigerator filter broke and damaged lr,Dr,kit &basement. Didn’t have it all repaired but now it’s all ripped up so here we go again. Welcome back to PA. Hope we can get together sometime.

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