While we wait

Gary and I are here at Montrose Bible Conference as SOAs – SOWERS On Assignment. Which means that we’ll be here for several months (instead of just one) and that we have a specific job to accomplish. This year our task is to redo the walkway on this side of the motel
to match the walkway that we (you know I really mean Gary, right?) completed last year.

One thing we learned last year was that it makes much more sense to have an excavator remove the existing walkway than for Gary to tackle it with the jackhammer.
AND, since that ol’ excavator won’t be here until Friday, we’ve been trying to fill in the time productively. Gary’s been building as much of the framework for the landings as possible.

And then he set out to get as many other components ready so when the excavator arrived, it would be a quick and simple job. He did actually do a bit of jackhammering in an area that had too many utilities to do with the big equipment

and then he worked with a couple of other dudes to move that vending machine out of the way.

(Let me tell you, that vending machine was uber heavy. And they even took out the soda, honest!)
Meanwhile, aside from helping Gary with an extra set of hands when he needed it, I helped out in the laundry (always busy after a full-house weekend) and then today tackled the back flower bed.

Nothing like the post-snow sadness of a perennial garden! But I was pretty certain that underneath all the rubble was spring, just ready to be sprung!

See? I was right!
I wasn’t quite so happy to see this little guy growing out of the wall:
But I guess I can give it points for persistence! (I pulled it out anyway!)
Even though we’re waiting, I guess you could say we’re busy waiting.
And that’s a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “While we wait”

  1. thanks for the pictures nice to know that the snow is gone up there. Look forward to stopping by sometime this summer.
    Thom and Patt

  2. You and Gary always make the most of every minute. Tell Gary to be careful and take care of that back – its the only one he has for here on out. And glad to see that you are working on the ground instead of a ladder, which you like so much! We are catching up here at our house and getting ready for our Germany excursion next month. Then, June/July we’ll be out at Harvest Time for a busy camper season. Looking forward to working with the Benson’s. Ya’ll (all ya’ll) take care and we will forever remember our experiences at Trinity Pines – good and bad (electricity adventure)!!!! LOL! You have to laugh or you’ll cry!

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