Mondays are for Memories – Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline

Way back in July of 2005, we worked a project outside of Traverse City, Michigan. It was one of my first experiences of the Great Lakes, and I was totally impressed with their greatness!
7/16/2005 – Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline
Ok – Here are some pictures from last weekend.
The Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Lakeshore is famous for (you guessed it) DUNES! There is a beautiful scenic drive with beautiful lookouts and trails to hike. We took one of the hikes through the dunes and found that it took us to the top of the “Dune Climb”. (Believe me, there was plenty of climbing to get to the top our way – it just took a more round about way!).
Here is the view from the top looking down –
Looking down from the Climbing Dune

And here is the view from the bottom looking up….(we were just in the parking lot – and decided not to head up from this spot!)
Looking up from the Climbing Dunes
After our hike we continued on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive which took us to an even larger dune that went right down to the lake’s edge. There, another lookout took us out 450 ft. above the lake – and a view of that huge dune and the lake beyond.
Here is a shot from the top – at this point I didn’t really even know how DOWN it really was, but I did know I wasn’t getting any closer to the edge.
The Edge of the BIG DUNE
We walked out to the lookout and saw just what was involved in climbing this dune….Yikes!
The view - and folks climbing up the dune

Yes, those specks are people……but the view is outstanding nonetheless!

And here are just some shots from our wanderings along the coast. Like I said, a very pretty area!
Pebbles on the shore
An interesting angle on the lake
A view of the Sleeping Bear
The Sleeping Bear
A view from one of many Lighthouses on this stretch of the Lake. This is Betsie Point Lighthouse
View from Betsie Point Lighthouse
Through the grass….to the Lake
Beautiful Lake Michigan

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