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Upstate Friends and Family

We returned yesterday from such an outstanding weekend that I’m having a trouble figuring out how to actually put that into words. So I thought maybe I’d do a simple list –
10 Things we loved about our Upstate NY Weekend:
1. We had a beautiful drive to get there.
2. It’s been a while since I needed my passport to go out for Chinese!
Yep, we crossed over the St. Lawrence River
and had delicious Chinese food in a restaurant called New York in Brockville, Ontario. I know. Confusing, right?
(When we went out for Italian later in the weekend we parked behind an Ontario car. Apparently while we Americans head into Canada for Chinese food, the Canadians come to Upstate NY for good Italian. Who knew?)
3. It’s a beautiful area for hiking.
Lampson Falls-11
4. Especially when the hike leads to the Lampson Falls.
Lampson Falls-13
Lampson Falls-8
5. Along with the natural beauty of the area there are also some pretty impressive man-made sights too. We checked the Moser-Saunders Power Dam (run jointly by Canada and the US)
and the Eisenhower Locks.

TrivilinoWeekend-31 TrivilinoWeekend-32 TrivilinoWeekend-33

This lock lowers (or raises) a ship 45 ft.  Not the most high-energy event that we saw, but it was fun watching the process.

6. A busy day of sightseeing that includes ice cream is always a good thing.
7. Worshiping with friends and being part of honoring Dads during the service was a blessing.
(There was chocolate involved, so that was pretty sweet too!)
8. Fathers’ Day celebration with the Trivilinos was amazing.  These guys really know how to pamper Dad!

TrivilinoWeekend-36 TrivilinoWeekend-45 TrivilinoWeekend-40

9. This Family
Oh, my! We were totally welcomed into this sweet family for the weekend. Since we couldn’t be with OUR family, it was so very nice to be part of this family.
10. This couple!
Have you ever met someone and knew immediately that you’d be good friends? That’s pretty much how it’s been with Joe & Kim. They are wonderful examples of kindred spirits that we (in all probability) would never have met had it not been for the SOWER Ministry. We laughed, and shared, and prayed and then we laughed some more!
And then we thanked God for his kindness to us in bringing us together!

(You know there are more pictures, right?  🙂 You can check them out HERE if you are so inclined!)

Thanks for stopping by! If your weekend was half as fun as ours was, you had a great weekend too!

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