We’re getting settled at our July SOWER project – Manheim Christian School, but we had a great “week-between” so here are just a couple of highlights (or low-lights as the case may be!).

  • We had to pack-up and leave in the rain. Ugh.
    Rainy day departure On our way! Not too thrilled about the weather, but trusting my driver and prayers! #ontheroadagain

    While it certainly isn’t our favorite weather for moving the house, we managed to arrive safely at our first destination –

  • Mike and Robyn’s house in Chambersburg, PA.  We go to my nephew Mike’s medical practice for our annual check-ups so we park in front of their house for a couple of days while we take care of business.
    While we’re always happy to get the yearly poking and prodding and squishing taken care of, we’re much more pleased that we get to spend time with these cuties!
    Puzzles were worked on, games were played, stories were shared and adventures happened.

    ChambersburgJuly2015-2 ChambersburgJuly2015-1 ChambersburgJuly2015-21
    ChambersburgJuly2015-6 ChambersburgJuly2015-16 MollyDive

    We even like their mom and daddy pretty well too!  We truly did have a wonderful couple of days with these guys – and we get to see them at the end of the month too!
    (There are a couple more pictures HERE if you’d like to see more of this sweet family.)

  • We left Friday for the last little leg of our trip to Manheim and we did something on the way that we have never done before. We stopped at a truck wash and lined up with the big boys for a wash.
    Waiting with the big boys for a wash! And man, does she need it! #abouttime
    We were impressed that they actually washed it by hand and we were pleased with the end result.

    Now the following pictures will be a bit embarrassing since they demonstrate just how dirty we’d let our house become (parked under trees is my official excuse), but they also demonstrate what a new lease on life our girl has!

    Looking pretty sweet, isn’t she? I think it was definitely $56 well spent. 🙂

  • While we were at Mike’s house we discovered that our house batteries were no longer holding their charge.  Even if we’re plugged in to shore power, if our house batteries are dead the refrigerator doesn’t run (even if it’s on propane), the water pump doesn’t work and the toilet doesn’t flush.  Needless to say, it was high on our list to be remedied once we got parked at the school.  The only thing we did before we returned them to Costco was a quick lunch with our Lancaster kids and grands!

    This obviously isn’t the whole family, but I just loved this picture of the ‘men’ checking out something on the phone! So on to Costco with our hearts and tummies full. However, THIS Costco doesn’t sell golf cart batteries (????) and they couldn’t help us. Things were looking a bit grim until the Costco guy offered to help us find a local battery store that had what we needed. So a mere $400+ later we were back in business.
    Cooling, pumping, flushing. All good. At least now the batteries are as shiny as the outside, right?

So there you have it – just some of the highlights (and not so highlights) of our couple of days between projects. We’re enjoying a peaceful weekend at our new spot before the rush of the project begins.

So far the neighbors have been nice and quiet!

Hope you all had a grand 4th of July. God Bless America!

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