ReunionMemories-15Lots of folks have family reunions. Many of them even manage to have them every year. While we get together with our individual families on a regular basis, we have a much more ‘organic’ schedule for a big ALL family reunion. Like 2006, 2012 and now in 2015. No real rhyme or reason – just whenever we manage to pull it all together. And I suppose the infrequency of these gatherings is why this one seemed so very special. At our 2006 reunion there were 11 grandchildren – here’s a vintage shot of the under 8 crowd from that Sandy Cove (MD) reunion: eightandunder
In 2012 we had a grand event at the cabin, when we were also celebrating the cabin’s 75th anniversary. The total number of grands had grown significantly –

And 11 of them weren’t even there! So this year’s Reunion was greatly anticipated since so many of the cousins hadn’t seen each other in years (and years). There were husbands and kiddos to meet, families to hug and lives to catch up with.   The location (Montrose Bible Conference in NE Pennsylvania) turned out to be a reasonably central location for most folks and we had a total of 50 folks (aged 2 months to 71)  – sitting on the porch, playing kickball, hanging out on the lawn and swimming in the pool.  Sharing meals and stories and lives. First and second cousins becoming friends!  Dwinell Family Reunion 2015

Porch sitting – always the best!
Dwinell Family Reunion 20151

Different families put together the meals – all excellent!

Dwinell Family Reunion 20152

And then there was the ever-popular pool time – and the pool watchers!
Family Reunion 2015

Lawn games, geocaching, planned activities (thank you, Grace!), more sitting around and catching up.  So many memories!

Reunion 2015

We filled up the space with hugs and kisses and bunches and bunches of love! 2015 07 31

Remember that sweet “under 8” crowd from our 2006 reunion?

Can you pick them out of this crowd of cousins?secondcousins2015

Bottom line – the Reunion was wonderful. Just plain, down-right, wonderful. It was such a sweet reminder of what a precious gift we have been given – a family that not only comes together because we’re related, but because we truly love AND like each other.  And THAT is a blessing we are thankful for each and every day. DwinellCrazies2015
Man, I love these people!

There are more pictures (including all the photos from the collages) HERE if you are so inclined! Be prepared for lots of folks making wonderful memories!

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