Hometown Hugs

We’ve been on the road now for 11 years (yep, we left home on August 1, 2004 for this little adventure) and we haven’t looked back with regret even once. Beautiful places, amazing new friends, and memories to treasure.
house But while we gladly walked away from the 2 acres of grass to mow and an 1860’s home to maintain, there were other things that were a bit harder to walk away from. Things like dear friends, our church family, and guaranteed hugs. Please don’t get me wrong – we’ve made wonderful friends in our years on the road. Friends that seem all the more precious in that we never would have met them had we stayed in Jamison.  But sometimes, just sometimes, what you need are hugs from folks who came to your little girl’s first birthday party, carpooled with you for preschool, and gathered near as you buried your mom. Friends who rejoiced with you at graduations and weddings and even the birth of that very first grandchild. And especially friends who were there when Gary came up with the “5 Year Plan” to sell the house, quit our jobs and drive around the country in a big ol’ RV once the kids were all launched.  This past weekend I was joy-filled as I gathered hugs from some of those good people. Oh, I didn’t get them all (I was only in town for two and a half days), but to Troy, Georgi, Linda, Mary, Nancy, JoAnn, Dale, Michelle, Chris, Mike, Dave, Carol, Leslie, Erik, Linda, Craig  and of course Joe and Janet (who housed me and fed me home grown tomatoes and uber healthy smoothies) I can only say thank-you.

 Hometown hugs – they did a heart (especially this girl’s heart) good.


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  1. So enjoyed getting together and catching up. Thank you for inviting me to gather around our quilting friends.
    Keep on posting your updates ! Happy trails to you.

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