South Dakota Life

“Hey – you want to take a drive around the back roads in the back of the pick-up? Don can drive, and we can wave to all the neighbors. This might be our last warm day before we head south – let’s do it!”
Let’s face it – I’m all about experiencing ‘life’ – so sure, let’s do it!
Off we go! It was still in the 80’s even though it was 6PM and it looked like a great night for a drive.
Jenny’s practicing the wave? SDDustStorm-3
Not sure where the neighbors are, but it was so beautiful it didn’t really matter! SDDustStorm-5
Plus we had popcorn, so we were good.
Shooting into the western sky was tricky, but still work the effort.

Should we be concerned about that low cloud on the western horizon? SDDustStorm-8
Naw – it looks fine in my direction. Probably just some combines finishing up the bean harvest.
(Still watching out for someone to wave to….) SDDustStorm-10
Should we be concerned that the sun is now being obscured?
Still looking good ahead… SDDustStorm-14
But I think there could be trouble on our tail…
Um, I think it’s time to hop in the truck. Well, it still looks good in this direction. SDDustStorm-17
But now that we’re headed back home,
we’re pretty happy to be in the truck.

I know they really want us to experience the ‘real’ South Dakota, but when I began to feel like I was in an opening scene of Wizard of Oz….
There’s no place like HOME!

(Total time lapse from first photo to last – 28 minutes!)

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