Putting the pieces of the puzzle back

Ok – we’re down to less than 48 hours before departure and everyone is getting very quiet. Jenny is busy wrapping up some painting chores, Don is hustling between the building and their rig, returning items to the rig and moving items to store in the building. The laundry is humming and the vacuum is getting ready to roar. We are simply trying to put the house back together.
With the exception of one piece of bead board that we need for the entry step, the floor is done. Complete. Finis.
And from the back to the front

Pretty amazing, huh?
Here are some of the detail shots –
That man of mine does some fine work, doesn’t he?

We can’t believe how spacious it looks. But of course, there isn’t any furniture in it either! And that’s where the puzzle pieces come in. Once we got all the furniture out, it seemed like it would be a good opportunity to actually move some items around. Raise your hand if you haven’t moved a piece of furniture in the last 10 years. Yep, that’s the life of an RV’er. Gary helped the process along by deciding that the sofa had seen enough wear and tear and off it went to the dump early on. Once the bank account recovers from the fuel pump and the new tires, we’ll be shopping for a comfy recliner. Meanwhile we’re going to move the desk over into the slide. That will take some additional construction, so I’m not going to share any official “we’re done!” photos just yet, but let’s just say we’re a whole lot closer to actually being able to pull out of the garage in the next two days!

Now to just make sure we collect all OUR stuff that has migrated out of the house these last 3+ weeks.

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  1. Brenda – it’s so good that you can comment with your iPad! I’m glad you’ll be stopping by and checking in with us. It was great to get to know you in Howard :).

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