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Moving – and other updates!

We moved today.
It wasn’t far, but still and all- the slides have to come in, the breakables need to be bungied down, and things that roll have to be secured. Okay, let’s be real – when you’re only moving from one end of the camp to the other, lots of things just get piled on the bed!
We did have to wait for the horses to cross.
It was a beautiful day for a trail ride, by the way!
But we made it safely and are now settled in our new neighborhood!
And we are loving some of the neighbors –
Hey, pretty girl – look this way for the camera!!!!
In other news, we had a great first week.
After a couple of days of data entry (inputting guest surveys), we ladies moved to this building.
This is a Yurt. These buildings are usually filled with bunk beds for sleeping or chairs for meeting, but in our case, it was filled with machines for sewing!
Every window in the camp is being fitted with the same basic curtain. And we are on the team that is making that happen!
So fun! (Plus, I can go over in the afternoon and work on some personal (as in CHRISTMAS) sewing! Yippee!!)
All good, all good!
The guys meanwhile are making great progress on that gatehouse. From slab to under roof in just 4 short days.
New Life Ranch-6
And that was with a rainy day thrown in. Needless to say, with all the ladder work, my guy was pretty happy for the 4 day work week. And a jumbo bottle of ibuprofen!

There was a group from YWAM (Youth with a Mission) here this week so we not only got to enjoy meals in the dining hall, but we also got to interact with some of those great young people! Here are some of our SOWER hands playing a goofy table game with lots of other young hands.
The more mature at the table did not win.
But we also had a game night and a really fun and delicious evening out at a local Amish(-ish) restaurant, The Wooden Spoon. They only serve an evening meal one night a week, and folks were lined up well before the doors opened. By the time we were done, we understood the draw.
Oh yeah, baby. Now that was a dinner! (Not to mention that salted caramel 6 layer cake that Gary & I split. Oh My.)

Today, while we were packing up and moving, the rest of the gang did a bit of sightseeing. Safaris, historic villages – there’s quite a bit to see and do in this little corner of Oklahoma. Actually, I think most of the sightseeing was in Arkansas, but who’s judging. Hopefully next weekend, with the interior renovation almost complete, we’ll be able to take in some sights ourselves.
One last picture before I say goodnight –
Isn’t it pretty here?

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Moving – and other updates!”

  1. Stopped by to check in and see what you are doing. Looks like you are working a whole lot this week, doing the tasks that you love best. Blessings on the Lord’s Day today.

  2. Love seeing you guys…I know there must be challenges and struggles at times but this looks so exciting…and you get to sew!!!!! yeh

  3. Dear ,dear Steph,

    Wish I were organized enough to send you a card that you could actually hold in your hand. But, hope you will take these birthday wishes, and hold them in your heart.
    Happy Birthday! to our (young) birthday buddy. November just isn’t the same without you and a Weinrich’s cake…Celebrate well! Connie & I will have to eat your share of cake sometime soon.

    Much love and special blessings,


  4. Oh, sweet Bonnie ~ November just doesn’t seem the same without our birthday date. So glad we could connect this summer. I guess that will have to hold me! Thanks for your sweet wishes – and enjoy that cake! love you!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Emily! We hope you and Dan will be able to join us in the SOWER world one day. =) There are struggles and challenges – but it is so very worth it!

  6. So glad you stopped by! We did do a lot this week – but I also got to play on my sewing machine – so it was quite a good week! More sewing next week, and I might be able to get to do some of my own stuff!

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