RV Reno Update – The Desk

So the adventure continues!
Just to give a little recap – here are a couple “before” pictures.
You can’t really see our desk area in those pictures, so here’s an older shot of that –
I have to tell you, I loved my desk area. In fact, I loved it so much that every time we went to look at new (or used) RV’s I just kept asking, “Where’s the desk?” I don’t mean a little computer area, I mean a desk. With drawers and filing space and flat surface that doesn’t disappear into a cabinet. So when we started with the ‘tear up the carpet and tile and put down wood floors’, changing the desk really wasn’t on my radar. But once we got all the stuff out, and the new floor in – well, it just seemed to open up all sorts of possibilities.
Aaaand the fact that we decided to deep-six the sofa kinda opened up that area next to the sink. I mean, how often do you get to actually rearrange the furniture in a motor home?
We looked at a couple of options, and came up with this most excellent (in my book, anyway) configuration –

Looking straight on –
Pretty sweet, right?
I have a new shelf and storage in those bins underneath. We’re still working on the seating. What ever we get has to work both as a desk chair and dining chair. With the extra height of the slide, a drafting table chair would be great for the desk, but it doesn’t go low enough for the table. A regular desk chair doesn’t quite go high enough to work comfortably at the new improved desk. We’re thinking wireless keyboard and sliding drawer….
But even with the not quite perfect seating, I still LOVE it!
And tomorrow, as we play tourist in NE Arkansas, we might even check out some recliners to finish out the other side! I love it when a plan comes together!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “RV Reno Update – The Desk”

  1. What a gorgeous transformation of your home. Beautiful! We are also considering redoing the floors using Pergo (Highland Hickory) flooring from Home Depot. Assuming Gary did most, if not all, the grunt work, perhaps you could interview him on the topic “What I Learned About Installing A Wood Floor In An RV”. I believe your readers would love to hear Gary’s side of this project.

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