All those miles!

As you can imagine, since we logged over 3500 miles over the Christmas/New Year holiday, I took just a couple “Road Ahead” shots. And the truth of the matter is, I took more than a few passenger window shots! Whether it was out the big windshield in Lizzie (the motor home) or over the hood of the truck, the road ahead is always calling my name!
Road Shots New Years 2016-35

I’ve put together a little slideshow/movie that I’ll include at the end, but here are just a couple of my favorites –
Road Shots New Years 2016-06

This one’s a bit fuzzy, but as we were crossing the Mississippi (heading north) this cloud broke free and gave a pretty good imitation of a (wanna be) tornado!
Road Shots New Years 2016-16

I’ve always just loved the looonnnggg Road Ahead shot!
Road Shots New Years 2016-29

Ah, the Road Ahead! Here’s a link to the Album and here’s that little slideshow that highlights some of my favs! (Still working on my techniques for this ‘movie making’ thing – no sound, just a couple of captions!)
Road Shots New Years 2016

Thanks for stopping by – and may Your Road Ahead in 2016 be filled with grace and beauty!

2 thoughts on “All those miles!”

  1. Loved this Stephanie. All your posted photos are really nice, and I love the Christmas full moon. I’ve never seen the Mississippi River up close. Hoping that with my new freedom from full time work I will be able to experience the road just like you and Gary. Thank you for posting your photos. I really really enjoyed them. Living your dream through your photos……

  2. Hi, Dale! Thanks for leaving a comment! And congratulations on your retirement! So sweet that you’ll be hanging out with your little one! And who knows, maybe we’ll meet sometime ‘down the road’! 🙂

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