The things we keep

I was looking for something in the medicine cabinet this morning, and I came across a ziplock full of lots of miscellaneous jewelry pieces. Since I’ve been sorting through different closets and cupboards (yes, over abundance of STUFF happens everywhere!), it seemed like a good time to review just what was in that baggie!
Once I got it sorted out, this is I found –

  • Southwest Beaded necklace – made by my grandma who lived in Arizona for 30 years.  I don’t know when I’ll wear it again, but it’s a keeper.
  • Skis with bell pin. It’s a bit tarnished, but I can still see Mom wearing it. Keep.
  • Harness horse racer tie bar. Dad loved those harness horses and although there isn’t a tie in the house, it still stays.
  • A Sigma Alpha Iota charm. This is an international music fraternity and another piece of my Mom. Keep. (It’s small, right?)
  • Our high school rings.  Hmmmm. What do you do with those? Keep? Melt? Why do we buy these in the first place?
  • My empty engagement ring. Diamond has been reset long ago. Why do I still have this?
  • And ankle bracelet with the initials J.F.D.. This would have been my Dad’s sister. Should I send it to my cousin? I think that is a yes!
  • Any number of prom keys, a National Honor Society charm and a variety of other lapel pins.  Are they even worth sending to a thrift shop?
  • Dad’s 20 Year Pin from Precision Grinding Wheel in Philadelphia. My dad went to work there right out of college, but I don’t think it has any value (sentimental or otherwise) at this point.
  • Fancy-schmancy rhinestone ring. I think that came from my grandmother and should stay in the family. Any takers?
  • Several stick pins. These can go.
  • A broken telephone pin. This was a favorite (back in the day), but I’m pretty sure it can go.
  • A Freemason pin. Pretty sure this came from my grandfather, but not sure it needs to be kept.
  • A “Grandmas are Great” pin. There aren’t nearly enough spots for all my grands, so that can go. (Besides, it actually says “Grandma’s are Great”. Is that even correct grammar?  Who proofread that?)
  • Lovely blue mosaic pin. I like it, but don’t see me wearing it. Any takers?
  • A small charm with a picture of Lara on it. Probably 1978. I’ll keep it for her!
  • Gold Charm bracelet with no charms. I remember that I absolutely HAD TO HAVE this charm bracelet in high school.  Shall I keep it and see if any of my grandgirls would like it? Probably will!
  • Pearl necklace.  I don’t know if they are real pearls or faux pearls (most likely) but  I’m pretty sure this was my moms. So it stays – though if someone else in the family wants it, I’d be happy to send it your way!
  • Toe ring. I think I’m done with that.
  • Miscellaneous skeleton key. No clue why that was even in the bag!
  • Silver and pearl bracelet. This was my bridesmaid gift from my sister’s wedding (1968). Joie, is it okay for me to give this away?
  • A really cute pair of earrings. With non-matching backs. But still, these are landing in the keeper category.

So that’s about it.  I think I’ve weeded out a few things, marked some others to take with me next time I’m with family, and sent a couple to my current jewelry collection. And some will go back into the ziplock for another walk down memory lane at a later date.

OK, so it’s not a huge dent in the “stuff war”, but at least it’s a start!


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