Every Day – Really?

So here it is  – March 1st.  Somehow, by hook or by crook, with the help of several birthdays and a holiday or two, I managed a post-a-day for the month of February. Even with its extra day!

So what did you think? It was a fun challenge, but I’m not sure that this blog/journal is actually suited to daily posts. Since RVThereYet is an uneven mixture of travelogue,
NM Drive 1-30-16-2
ministry work,
Montrose Walkway 2015-1
RV life,
the Cabin,
-and cute grandkids,
Grandkids 2015)
(and other precious family members!),
it seems to be a bit more event driven than daily update driven.

So to that end, I’ll keep on keepin’ on. Stories of our life on the road, told one post at a time!

Thanks for stopping by – and come back soon!

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