OK – here in the high desert of California they don’t get many hurricanes. (Although it did rain last weekend and apparently that was pretty big news around here!) But while we aren’t subject to hurricanes here in our current neighborhood, we are are subject to a component of hurricanes – High Winds. And around here, high winds don’t just blow over lawn furniture, scatter trash, and send the patio umbrella into the neighbors pool (though of course there is plenty of that also!). Around here we have the added ingredient of sand. Acres and acres, and acres and acres, of lovely fine beach sand. Yesterday, the mountains that surround us were almost obscured by the blowing sand.
(Although according to our host, sometimes you can’t see them at all – so I guess yesterday was less impressive to them than to me!)
Even with the windows closed, there is a fine coating of grit on all my counters, and there isn’t so much a dirt ring in the shower as a pile of sand. Even the cuffs of my capris had sand in them from my brief jaunts outside. Truthfully, just the sound of wind gusts over 40 mph can be quite intimidating when you live in a long skinny tin can. But oh, what a reminder of the power of our Great God!
And one other thing that wind/sand storms are good at – destroying awnings even when they have been put away for safety sake.
Gary jerry-rigged some tie-downs so we could sleep without the banging of the awning hitting the roof (not to mention what other damage that might do), but we won’t really be able to assess the damage (or the repair) until the wind dies down.
“Wind advisory in effect until 5PM Saturday”
Welcome to the desert!

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