Ironwood Wrap-up

I know I’ve shared some of our adventures while we were at Ironwood Camp for our April project,but I haven’t shared much about the SOWER side of things. (I know I say this most every month, but) Once again, it was a grand month.
The work was great. The guys were kept busy over in a new building, the Hacienda. Once completed, this building will be used as a pastors’ retreat.
While the basic construction was mostly done, the guys were doing some drywall, mudding, painting and general finish work. Gary was able to get all of the air conditioners installed and running, and if everything continues to move forward, they should be ready for their first guests by the end of May! I know the Ironwood maintenance team was very pleased with all that was accomplished!
April 2016 iPhone Pix1
We ladies had a variety of tasks also. While we all started together in the project room – some of us painting signs, some of us sewing – eventually most of us moved to other more strenuous work like spring cleaning some of the cabins.
April 2016 iPhone Pix
I confess I felt pretty fortunate (maybe even a bit guilty) that I was at the sewing machine the whole time. There were curtains to make, crib mattress covers to construct and other miscellaneous sewing projects that managed to keep two of us busy almost the whole time.

But as you know, the month was not without some challenges. I have learned over this last month that 4 months in the desert (whether New Mexico or Arizona or California) is well over the ‘legal limit’ for desert living on the Gary-scale. So sand and wind wise, it was a rough month in that regard. Then there was the whole awning mishap.
But for every sandstorm that whipped by, there were these people –
that we got to work and play with. Love them!
For every time we had to shake the sand out of our shoes, there were these guys, our bosses –
and all of the other staff members that made us feel like family!
And for every time we wiped the grit off the counters,
there was this
and this.

So, was it a perfect month? Nah. We can’t say that. But was it a great and blessed month overall? Oh, my yes!
Here is a selection of the photos from the month (most even with a caption!).

Real time update – we’re more than halfway to our May project (Lake Retreat Camp in Ravensdale, WA), and will share more about our travels in a future post. Tonight (Tuesday) we’re tucked in at a BEAVER (RV) dealer in Bend, Oregon and tomorrow we’ll be moving on to Washington. Baby, we’re not in the desert anymore!

4 thoughts on “Ironwood Wrap-up”

  1. Thank you for all these wonderful pictures! Ironwood has been a very special place in my heart for years having volunteered many hours there with my husband (now with the Lord) Not too long ago I was thinking about the retired folks who spent their days traveling to churches, schools and camps where their help was invaluable in the Lord’s work, and was wondering if you folks were still doing this work. Praise the Lord for all you do! Enjoy Oregon!! I have a niece in Bend and a sister in Redmond.
    I moved from California to South Carolina four years ago to be closer to my family and I miss my family at Ironwood. Nice to see my special family Andrew and Tammy Pust. Thanks again for all the pictures!!

  2. First, God bless your travels to Washington. Bend is one of our favorite places in Oregon. We were at the Beaver dealership last September and hope that is where we will purchase our class A coach in 2017.

    Looked at your post on travels north. If you were on Interstate 5 or Hwy 99 in the California Central Valley you were very close to where we live in Sacramento. If you were on Hwy 395 then you travelled on of our favorite motorcycle highways.

    Looking forward to continuing following your work that bless so many in God’s name.

  3. Hello, Charlene!
    Thanks for your kind words. We did have a great trip north – and yes we did come up 99 in the Central Valley. What a beautiful drive. We wanted to take 395, but parts of it were closed to vehicles without chains, so we opted for the ‘better safe than sorry’ route. A little more traffic – but still all good!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Nancy – thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet! I can see how Ironwood would be a special place for you. We enjoyed our time there, even with dear hubby being ‘over’ the desert. Seeing God at work at places like Ironwood has been probably the greatest blessing in our almost 12 years on the road!

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