It’s been said that “Home is where the Heart is”, and yes – I am home! It was wonderful to be reunited with my dear Gary who labored away here without me for two weeks. I know he managed just fine without me, but I think he was happy to have me back.  And I was happy to be back.

But the last two weeks – Oy! Such a beautiful time! The days were filled with family (I saw all of my immediate family save one, and countless other nieces and nephews and their offspring) and fun (soccer games and ice cream outings, board games and giggle-fests) and frivolity (picnics, stops at Dunkin Donuts, and (very occasionally) beating my sisters at Rummikub). So while I did come Home to where my Heart is, I confess that I left pieces of it behind with these guys
and this little one
in Ohio.
Then these littles snagged a piece of it in Baltimore –
There was this crew that came together for a picnic in the park in Carlisle –
Be still my heart!
More great nieces arrived from Minnesota on our last full day –
and I wasn’t sure I would have any heart left to take home!

Then there was the Sister Time – time most precious to me!
Time spent with these two ladies is always soul-restoring to me and I am so thankful for these sisters/best friends. Girls’ Week is always one of the best weeks of the year for me, and this year was no exception!

It IS good to be Home. Sleeping in my own bed, next to my love.  The ‘glow’ of the last two weeks is lingering, and my heart is growing accustomed to functioning with those little pieces missing.

(A couple more pix from my heart-stealing time away can be found here HERE!)

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. As of 8:20 p.m. last evening, we are officially SOWERS! Couldn’t wait to tell you. Although, we have the house to sell, and won’t be able to dive right in full-time, we are looking forward to taking 3 weeks off from work to do our FIRST project as soon as we are able. We are so excited and looking forward to serving our Lord in a new way.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Sandi – That is WONDERFUL news!!!! Welcome to the SOWER family – and we’ll be watching for you ‘down the road’!

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