Making an attempt…..

Somehow between slow internet, busy working days, busy playing days, mostly cloudy skies and cool days (which makes me more apt to pick up a book and snuggle under a blanket than to cozy up to the computer when I have free time), and a SOWER newsletter that always consumes the first part of every month, I have sadly neglected this little blog. In effort to do a little catch up, I thought I’d scroll through my phone and see what little snipped of life I can share from the last week and a half (give or take!).
I got a little tour of the YWAM chickens when we first got there. They are still on the young side so there haven’t been any eggs yet – but they’re checkin’ every day now!
I’ve been working away on the blue trim throughout the camp, and Gary has been working his way along the roof….
Fourth of July
Did you have a good 4th? Ours was a bit on the quiet side, but quite lovely nonetheless! We ran some errands over in Sequim (rhymes with Skim not sequin as you might think), including a fun breakfast out,
(hello, Mr. Squirrel)
enjoyed a fun picnic with the staff,
(and this was before the grilled salmon, chicken and brats were added!)
and enjoyed listening to the fireworks from our rig. (They didn’t start until after 10PM and the temps were dropping fast. Yes, we’re wimps!)
Discovery Bay
I finally made it down the ‘cliff’ to explore Discovery Bay!
Lynn (my fellow painter of the blue) and I had a lovely afternoon walking along the water’s edge and collecting sand dollars and shells.
Dungeness Spit
Friday (wow, just yesterday!) we ran errands over in Sequim again, and since the clouds looked like they were beginning to clear, we took a little drive to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.
Dungeness Spit-7
While we enjoyed some beautiful overlooks,
Dungeness Spit-2
and I trekked down to the beach,
Dungeness Spit-11
we did NOT hike out to the lighthouse at the end of the spit (about 6 miles down the spit).
Dungeness Spit-15
It was a beautiful day to do a bit of local splorin’.( Plus we were able to combine it with a stop at Costco!)
And that brings us up to TODAY!
We hit the local farmers market, picked up some lovely fresh fish at the fish market
(OK, we bought filets, but these were much more colorful for the photo op.)
and are now looking forward to a yummy dinner with friends tonight! So – all that being said, it’s time for me to wrap this up and start tidying up the house. After all, we’re having company!

Thanks for stopping by (and for your patience with the sporadic nature of these posts!). Check over on the Photo’s page if you’d like to browse through some of the other pictures from the last week (or so!).

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