Wenatchee to St. Regis – Getting here!

When last we ‘spoke’ we were headed to see friends in East Wenatchee for dinner, after getting those new tires for the truck. They had room for our RV, so we moved from Costco to the other side of the river. What a delightful time we had – the dinner, the friends, the parking spot. Their home sits on the ridge above the Columbia River, and commands a wonderful view.
And produces a pretty good sunset too!
We’re so glad we stopped – and certainly hope we can make that connection again sometime!
We did get an early start on Tuesday since we wanted to get all the way to St. Regis, MT where we had reservations for a couple of nights at a campground. And after all, we were about to lose an hour as we moved from Pacific Time to Mountain Time. But we also didn’t want to do the whole trip on interstate, so we went just a bit north, right along the Columbia River and past beautiful orchards
Orchards, mountains, river and sunshine. Yes, we're on the road again! #ontheroadagain #washington #solovely
and then headed east on Rte 2. It was a long and windy uphill start
(sorry about the dirty windshield – you’ll be seeing that again, I promise!)
and usually after a long climb up, there’s a corresponding climb down. Not so in this neck of the woods. Once we got out of the pass, we were greeted with miles and miles of wheat!
I personally found great beauty in these rolling hills
so please bear with me as I share a couple more from that beautiful drive –
Don’t you want to know the story behind this solitary house?
Or maybe this one?
We watched a daring crop duster making pass after pass over the fields –
Crop Duster
until finally we caught up and passed him (or maybe he passed us?).
There were a couple of random splashes of green
and still an occasional hill to climb
(Do you see that lone walker at the bottom? We were quite in the middle of nowhere, and really puzzled at where he was headed! But he did not seem in any distress, so we figured he knew what he was doing.)
but mostly it was wheat field after wheat field as we traversed this plateau.
Amber waves of grain. Washington? Yes, Washington. #ontheroadagain #washington
And then there was Spokane.
We picked up the interstate (I90) and were soon crossing the Idaho panhandle.
Idaho was beautiful. Back to the tall trees and wilderness – and the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene.
There were also a few more ‘long pulls’, as we call those steep climbs. One (Lookout Pass, just before the Montana border)was especially stressful. Due to construction, we were not only going up the hill single file, but there were solid concrete barriers on either side of us.
We were watching our engine temps climb, and were very, very happy when we finally saw the crest of the hill.
Yes, we stopped to let the temps (and maybe my pulse) return to normal. Here’s another shot looking back from where we had stopped.
We did the downhill slow and steady, and soon we were settled in our camping site, where we’ll be hanging out for just a day until we head into our August SOWER project, Camp Bighorn, just up the road a piece in Plains, MT.
St Regis Campground
Gary is intent on keeping our little campfire going all day and just enjoying the day. And I intend to join him in that noble endeavor right after I hit the “Publish” button for this post!
Not quite a cabin morning, but still a lovely way to start the day! #morningfire #sittingstillforaday

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  1. It’s been so long since I’ve been on Facebook! So enjoyed this post and the beautiful pictures! What a blessed life you are leading. God knew just how to use the two of you💜🚍⛰🌅🌠🌌📸🛠💻😇

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