So where are we now?

After our wonderful week off, we drove just 15 miles (or so) to Marsing, and our September SOWER Project –
Hope House

This ministry is quite a departure from the last five ministries where we’ve worked, which have all been (in some regard) camping ministries. And they’ve been great! But the mission of Hope House is quite different –

Hope House exists to provide a home for children who are emotionally impaired, developmentally disabled, and/or come from disrupted adoptions or dysfunctional families.
(From the Hope House Website)

Most of the folks we are working with have been here many times, so it’s been great to see the interaction with the SOWERs and the kids. Lot of hugs and lots of smiles! There is a school here on the campus along with housing for the residents and staff, a dining hall, gymnasium, and chapel. In fact, this campus was originally an Idaho Civilian Conservation Corp camp, and the ministry, while retrofitting many of the buildings, has not (as far as I know) had to actually construct any new buildings. I’m still learning lots about this ministry, and I’ll fill you in as I get more acquainted with things, but in the meanwhile, HERE is a great article from World Magazine about Hope House (They were 2015 finalists in their annual Hope Award for Effective Compassion).
Given the age of the buildings on campus (I’m trying to find out info on this CCC camp, but all I can find is that it started in 1939. Or 1941, depending on which website you check) and the fact that it sat empty for many, many years before Hope House moved there, you can bet there is plenty to do!!! I’ll fill you in on more details as the project progresses, but in the meanwhile, here’s this morning’s view out my bedroom window.
We sure are looking forward to a great month!

2 thoughts on “So where are we now?”

  1. I would like to visit and help out here someday. I feel called to travel around and help places like this that help people and share the gospel. I will pray for a blessing on the work that the Sowers are doing there at Hope Ranch

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ron! We’ve been so blessed to be able to travel AND serve our LORD through these many years. Hopefully you’ll be able to fulfill you calling soon!

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