Highland Highlights

Once again, the month has come to an end. We’ll be on our way to our February project tomorrow morning (Twin Oaks Ranch -south of Austin, TX), so I figured it was time (ok, past time) to share some highlights of our time at Highland Lakes Camp (West of Austin).
First, the work.
There was one other SOWER couple working with us (Jim & Eula), and we had a pretty big job ahead of us. The camp had 16 motel rooms that were in great need of renovations in the bathroom areas and they only had three weeks of vacancies to get the job done. It involved replacing the trim in the toilet/shower area, repairing any damage to the walls, installing new toilets, and giving everything a fresh coat of paint. So while the guys were doing the trim/toilet/repair work
we girls tackled the painting –
Since the each area was really too small for multiple workers, we worked out a pretty good system so we weren’t tripping over each other. Gary cut trim, Jim repaired walls and installed trim, Gary did the toilets, Eula rolled the walls, and I did the cutting in and putting the rooms back together. I’m getting pretty good at those outlet screws and even learned about the teeny-tiny screws at the bottom of the towel racks!
I did a terrible job of documenting our work (with pictures)- but trust me, we had a very busy three weeks. Once Eula and I had the bulk of the room painting done, we moved to doing the doors and shelves (Note to self – always label doors and shelves with room numbers so you can get them back to the correct spot.) That involved a change in location and we got to paint those items in an area with a great view!
We knew the camp needed those rooms for this past weekend , and I’m happy to report that the rooms were finished in time for housekeeping to do a final cleaning before 500+ guests descended on the camp. Our last official work day was spent helping in the office with a mailing while the guys worked in the shop doing odds and ends (and organizing all the stuff that was used in the renovations.) It was fun to all be working in the same area, even if we did have trouble keeping track of each other sometimes!
Even though this is officially our ‘off’ week, Eula and I lent a hand making flowers for their upcoming Woman’s Retreat a couple mornings this week.
It’s always fun to end a project on a crafty-note!

And then there’s the conference center itself. The camp is located right on Lake Travis, and is a lovely campus! Here are just a couple of shots from a little walk-about.

View from the Prayer Garden

The waterfront (Lake Travis is very full right now. It’s a good thing, but you can’t get to the dock without getting your feet wet. 🙂 )
The super-fun pool, ’cause even with a waterfront, a pool is always a good idea!

This was the view out my bedroom window one morning. What a beautiful way to start the day! Thank you, Lord!

Once again – we had a great month, serving our Lord here at Highland Lakes! Not only was the location beautiful, the people were warm and welcoming, and we were able to do a necessary job from start to finish. We did a bit of sightseeing with good friends, and as an added bonus we got to see these goofballs (and their parents!)twice during our time here!


I don’t think we could’ve asked for a sweeter January. And we’re looking forward to an equally sweet February!

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  1. Thank you for such a good review of the month. We have done that project twice and loved it. We are looking forward to being there in March.

  2. Enjoying your post tonight and getting to know Texas a little more. This is one state that I’ve not been able yet to explore to the max yet. Thank you Stephanie for your volunteer service to help others and on opening up your world to share Texas with us all !

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