Whatcha Doin’?

One of the first questions SOWERS ask their host (and each other) is “What will we be doing?” As we visited with our friends who were here last month, they shared that they had been painting and cleaning and painting (ladies) and remodeling bathroom (guys). Sounded a bit like this month would be very similar to last month. And that was ok – we do what needs to be done. However, when our host saw Gary’s A/C background, he started making a list of all the A/C units and refrigeration that needed to be checked or cleaned or repaired. In fact, Gary is already lined up to install a new unit at the director’s house! I’m pretty sure he’ll stay plenty busy. And just as I was getting ready to pull out the paint clothes for another month, I got a pleasant surprise. He saw my “5” level (which means I did it as a job) for office work, and asked if I would like to work in the office! Um, yesssss. I might just be running the copy machine and scanning receipts, but still and all – it makes this girl happy!
In other good news – the sun came out today. 🙂
(That’s the view from the office door! Sweet, eh?)
And the sunset tonight –
Oh. My.
So the question has been asked and answered. Once again, we’re right where we’re supposed to be!
It’s so good to be friends with the Man with the Plan!

3 thoughts on “Whatcha Doin’?”

  1. So nice to be given a break with a “new” job once in awhile. Even though, as you said, we do what is needed, and do it willingly and with a servant heart, still…
    Glad you are enjoying beautiful weather also. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. So glad to read of your office work & Gary’s A/C! What a treat for you both! And I write from experience as I once again open the paint cans to redo the redo, as one thing continues to lead to another. I’m over the paint clothes though – mainly doing touch ups now & am expert at keeping my clothes paint-free. 🙂 And tell Gar that :I’m being a good girl w/the brushes – they are still in very good condition. Miss you!

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