Flat Stanley

Have you met Flat Stanley? Apparently  he’s been around for several years and grade schoolers (in our case, a certain 3rd grader) from around the country send him off to friends and relatives so he can learn about different communities.  He arrived in our little neighborhood earlier this week
and we’ve been doing our best to show him around.
Just yesterday we took him into town after we stopped to show him the Antioch Colony marker and building.
This was a settlement of freed slaves following the Civil War. There isn’t much left of the settlement – mostly just that building, but it’s a pretty interesting piece of history. Stanley seemed pretty interested in it.
From there we headed into town to a sweet fabric store I thought he might like.
I know I did.
And since we wanted him to experience more of the flavor of the town, we stopped for some coffee on the way home.
Nothing like a $4.00 cup o’jo to start off the relationship!
He started to check out the antique store next door, but got tangled up in the greenery and didn’t make it inside.
Today I showed him around our more immediate neighborhood, and he thought everything looked just fine.
He’s been really pleased with the nice mild weather here, even though he knows he’ll have to go back north in a week or so. And he’s very excited that tomorrow he’s coming with us to San Antonio to see some good friends. We might not make it to the Alamo, but he’s ready for whatever adventure we might find!
You just never know what might happen next!

PS – Happy Birthday to our sweet little Taran, who turned two today. TWO!!! Oh, My!
Looks like you had a pretty good day!!!
(Photo creds to his Mom.)

3 thoughts on “Flat Stanley”

  1. Tell your lovely 3rd grader that if she Flat Stanley to see places where her Dad get up to send him to me…PCS, your two houses etc… would love to help…

  2. Stephanie, I love your sense of humor and your have such clever and awesome writing skill. We had a certain bunny last year, I believe his name was Felix from our certain second grade grandson and the object as well was to send a post card to update that certain 2nd grade grandson where his travels were taking him. What great ideas these two ideas are. Have a nice time visiting your good friends!

    PS … did you receive my new email address?

  3. Lookin’ good! Our Adventure Brothers stayed behind this time when we flew to S Cali where we are now for a 9day visit to kiddos – yes, in the rain, LOL! We need to add a 4th bro, which I haven’t found yet. I hope to take them along to CO Springs next month.

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